My name is Roman, I am 21 years old. I am from Ukraine, I live in Lviv.

I’ve been playing poker for two years. I started by watching streams and tutorials on YouTube. Then, I participated in a streamer battle at FunFarm and joined the foundation.

I came to FiatLab almost immediately after the opening. I became a teacher and went from being a student to becoming a top bachelor.

I was very passionate about poker from the very beginning and wanted to teach everyone how to play! Nothing has changed since then.

During classes, I focus on adapting to opponents, building logic, and teaching how to construct strategies at the table. I constantly tell my students: you should always be ready to explain why you played this way and not otherwise. And one more thing: think first, and then click!


Vadim. Currently, I teach players at FiatLab and play at ABI $60.

I’ve been familiar with poker for a long time, but decided to do it seriously when I left my job three to four years ago. I joined the foundation, first as a player for one and a half years, then as a coach for another year.

There is a phrase: while I was training, I repeated it myself; so training helps to keep myself in good shape. And it’s nice to see the guys’ successes. After FiatLab was founded, I immediately joined it with the entire team, since the best of the best will be here.


My name is Anton, I got acquainted with poker as a child and even then I was very interested in it.

As soon as I turned 18, I immediately started playing online, but not very much and not very seriously, because I was studying at university.

After graduating from uni, I spent some time deeply involved in music, but poker never left my mind. So, at the beginning of 2021, I joined the FunFarm. There I completely changed my attitude to the game and in a year I went from ABI 5 to ABI 40, after which I joined FiatLab, where I continue to gain a huge amount of valuable knowledge from top coaches and play at ABI 70+.


I am Denis “skipper”, I am 22 years old. I am from Saratov (Russia), now I live in Montenegro.

3 years ago, during the pandemic, I started playing poker and got so involved that I dropped out of university. At first, I studied poker on my own, and watched videos on YouTube. After playing only 500 tournaments, starting at $0.25, I joined FunFarm, where I began to learn the game seriously.

I’ve been with FiatLab since the first days of its creation, started at Level 10, now on Level 13, and began teaching at the foundation. I try to instill in my students the habit of working on the game outside the tables because many do not do this, as well as correctly assessing opponents and not playing automatically.

To quickly climb the limits and play expensive tournaments is not my goal; I simply want to enjoy the game — fortunately, so far, it’s been that way.


Fyodor. I play poker, as well as train players at FiatLab.

My romantic story with poker began when a friend shared his adventures in a New Year’s tournament on PS, where he spent 20 hours and earned about 10 buy-ins.

That’s when I realized that this pain and suffering are what I need, and it’s time to change my profile. Before that, I masterfully owned all kinds of Durak and War, and the tournament, by the way, about which we were talking, was that famous Sunday Million, but I found out about it after a while. Since then, I’ve been playing poker, as well as teaching players in one top place, but I think you’ve already guessed the name of it).


My name is Arthur, I am 25 years old. I was born in Ukraine, but I have been living in Portugal for 12 years.

I started playing poker professionally 2 years ago. The game has never been just entertainment for me, from the very beginning, I started paying great attention to the learning process. Initially, I tried to figure things out on my own, but this noticeably held back my progress.

Growing and progressing alone is very difficult and time-consuming, so I joined FiatLab. Thanks to the knowledge gained here, my performance indicators have been growing steadily and rapidly.

Now I teach at the foundation myself, which helps to stay on top of my game and motivates me to constantly


My name is Yevhen, I am 36 years old. I was born and live in the Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih.

Since 2014, I have been playing poker professionally, and since 2016, I have also been teaching. At FiatLab, I am a senior lecturer and a member of the Pascal team. It’s nice to be part of such a cool team; working here gives a huge motivation.

Research, mathematics, the search for leaks in big lost banks — that’s what my learning process is based on. I explain complex things in simple language. I believe that three things are necessary for achieving high results: knowledge, skills, and motivation. And this rule is universal for everyone, including poker players.


My name is Dmitry, I play under the pseudonym Lanket. I’m 24 years old. I am from Minsk, but I have been living in the city of Gdansk, Poland for a year and a half.

I have been playing for real money since February 2018. Before that, I played with virtual chips in apps for a couple of years, and then I seriously took up training. As a result, I started playing profitably.

At FiatLab, I am a senior lecturer. I teach medium and top bachelors and supervise a group of mediums.

I like that in the process of preparing for classes; I review the material myself and also study something extra. I always advise students not to be lazy and review notes, make notes, and checklists, check holes in their database, and try to make every effort to follow the recommendations of teachers.


My name is Roma, I’m 33. I’m originally from Belarus, but I’ve been there rarely lately, changing countries and locations.

I started playing poker professionally in 2016. I think that the choice of such a profession is not accidental and was determined by the type of my personality. I still can’t figure out what is more important to me in poker: money or the pleasure of playing. There is undoubtedly a lot of pain and tears, and negative emotions, but I would hardly be a happier person without poker.

I moved to FiatLab from the core group of Alexey Fiat in FunFarm. Currently, I teach more and play less. My training is based on live communication with the guys; I like listening to their opinions and sharing my experience.

If you know that you are not in shape to play a session today, don’t start. I always give this advice to my students and stick to this rule myself.


Vlad, 25 years old. In 2 years, I have grown from zero to ABI 100.

I will teach you to see through opponents, flip a coin in the late stages, and earn millions.
(I’ll send the rest later) 😀


Hello everyone, I’m Roman. I am a senior lecturer at FiatLab.

My most conscientious journey in poker began in 2017 when I joined FunFarm. A year later, I managed to become a coach, and another year later fate brought me together with Fiat. After this meeting, the picture of the poker world has changed a lot in terms of making decisions at the tables and working on the game outside.

I think I am currently in the best Russian-speaking backing foundation. We are not only looking for new solutions to improve our game by methods that are very rarely used by others, but also give the opportunity to enhance skills beyond poker.


My name is Alexey, I’m from Sillamae, Estonia.

A friend introduced me to poker, he taught me the basics. I was at several foundations, and for a long time, I combined poker and work for 10-12 hours 6 days a week. In 2022, I came to FiatLab because I saw professionalism and a good organization in all aspects here.

When teaching, I focus on problem areas: I try to identify, dissect, and correct them. I aim to deliver information in a way that students can surely absorb and understand.

I think it is important to maintain a balance between learning and playing. It is necessary to work on the game, but we must not forget about the importance of practice — it helps to polish skills based on theory.


My name is Ivan, I am 35 years old. Before the war, I lived in Moscow, now I live in Yerevan.

I have been in the Fiatlab since the first days of its foundation, joined right away when I realized what team is behind the project. FiatLab today is a locomotive in the poker world, expanding the horizons of understanding not only new strategies, but also poker thinking as a whole.

As a coach, I like to share knowledge. Assisting students on their poker journey is a special pleasure. In addition, it is important for me to build a dialogue with students and give them additional motivation.

To achieve success in poker, discipline and hard work are crucial, and of course, you need to love what you do.


My name is Igor Bigun, I am 34 years old. I was born in a small village in the Bryansk region. Now I live in the capital of Armenia, in the city of Yerevan.

I got acquainted with the game more than 10 years ago. At the beginning of my journey, I played everything: cash games, tournaments, free rolls, etc. I started with the lowest limits. Now I’m playing ABI 70-80 with ROI 30+. I joined FunFarm in 2020, and that’s when everything started.

Now I’m at FiatLab. Since then, I’ve taken fifth place in the Sunday Million. I began teaching in 2022. When teaching, I try to cover as many aspects as possible: working with software, mastering logical thinking, and analyzing ICM situations.

I believe that the main thing is not to lose hope in difficult moments, and not to get discouraged. This is exactly the advice I would give to other players. And, of course, join FiatLab!


My name is Pasha, I’m 36. I was born in Tolyatti, lived in St. Petersburg for five years before the war. Now my wife, my son and I live in Montenegro. I played limit games for many years, then decided to try NL cash (found it too damn boring), then switched to Heads-Up (more interesting), and eventually to MTTs — that’s when I realized it was my thing.

Until 2020, I did not study theory at all, I played based “on instincts”, and then I got into FunFarm — since that moment things skyrocketed: they gave excellent mentors, and month after month, I showed worthy results, climbing up the ranks.

I joined FiatLab directly as a master and remain so to this day, continuing to study and discuss the game with many outstanding players.

I consider making rational decisions the most crucial aspect of poker – that’s where I focus during sessions. At FiatLab, I know many people who I sometimes envy (in a good way) in how they make decisions in various situations.