My name is Roma, I’m 33. I’m originally from Belarus, but I’ve been there rarely lately, changing countries and locations.

I started playing poker professionally in 2016. I think that the choice of such a profession is not accidental and was determined by the type of my personality. I still can’t figure out what is more important to me in poker: money or the pleasure of playing. There is undoubtedly a lot of pain and tears, and negative emotions, but I would hardly be a happier person without poker.

I moved to FiatLab from the core group of Alexey Fiat in FunFarm. Currently, I teach more and play less. My training is based on live communication with the guys; I like listening to their opinions and sharing my experience.

If you know that you are not in shape to play a session today, don’t start. I always give this advice to my students and stick to this rule myself.