• You must be a professional player or aiming to become one in the near future
  • Willingness to play approximately ~500 tournaments per month on average
  • Adequate statistics over the last six months
  • Access to available poker rooms
  • A database of at least 100,000 hands played recently
  • No reputation issues within the community, poker rooms, or payment systems
  • Desire for self-improvement, ability to work both independently and in a team


  • A unique teaching method by Alexey Fiat and his associates
  • For players with ABI $50 and below: 2 sessions per month in a mini-group of 2 people
  • For higher limits: Weekly sessions alternated with a curator and Pascal, conducted in a group format
  • In-depth analysis of the database regularly using the exclusive Anton Bikk87’s methodology
  • Access to an optimal tournament schedule developed by the analytical department led by Andrey harrrrmonica
  • FiatHUD 3 for H2N provided free to each player upon joining
  • Co-financing for popular poker programs
  • Free Flopzilla software
  • Powerful servers for working with calculators and research
  • Mathematical club led by Alexey Fiat, “What? Where? When?” club, and other activities available to everyone.