Hi. Our laboratory is the perfect place for the next stage of your poker career.

FiatLab is a project founded by a group of like-minded people. We all play tournament poker professionally and have experience in backing as coaches and managers. Based on our experience, we create the best training and backing project for you and others willing to become stronger and more successful players.

We have our own author’s teaching methods that will help our knowledge and experience become your skills and victories. Our approach is based on an objective assessment of information and an analytical approach using logic, mathematics, and trend analysis. We believe that success in poker is determined by a player’s skill, work ethic, and desire to learn and improve. Most of the results will depend on your desire to work and study, but we will try our best to create the most comfortable conditions for this.

The teaching staff is represented by Alexey Fiat’s students who share his vision of poker. They all play in a recognizable, aggressive and creative style and have achieved countless glorious victories. We have no guest stars, no big names from the outside, no abstract concepts that have little to do with the actual play at the poker table. Training methods, progress criteria, and terms of cooperation are tailored to build the best gaming and learning process for you.

This will be our joint work. We will teach you to think deeply, flexibly, and freely. One hour spent working with ranges in Flopzilla will teach you more than ten hours of watching webinars with ready-made calculations and solutions. The ability to assess the trends of the field properly will give you an understanding of how to play against different opponents in different situations, and how to change your game depending on the stage of the tournament. It is the right exploits and understanding of ICM that will bring you a stable income in the long run.

We hope that by joining FiatLab, you will embrace these ideas, share our values, and feel the strength of our team spirit. KOLD!