My name is Pasha, I’m 36. I was born in Tolyatti, lived in St. Petersburg for five years before the war. Now my wife, my son and I live in Montenegro. I played limit games for many years, then decided to try NL cash (found it too damn boring), then switched to Heads-Up (more interesting), and eventually to MTTs — that’s when I realized it was my thing.

Until 2020, I did not study theory at all, I played based “on instincts”, and then I got into FunFarm — since that moment things skyrocketed: they gave excellent mentors, and month after month, I showed worthy results, climbing up the ranks.

I joined FiatLab directly as a master and remain so to this day, continuing to study and discuss the game with many outstanding players.

I consider making rational decisions the most crucial aspect of poker – that’s where I focus during sessions. At FiatLab, I know many people who I sometimes envy (in a good way) in how they make decisions in various situations.