I’m Ilya, 21 years old, from Chisinau, Moldova. I’ve been into poker since elementary school, but I started playing conscientiously in 2019.

One day, I came across the Funfarm channel and realized that by learning, you can make good money in poker. I set a goal to get into the foundation, where I can reach a new level and become a professional. In 2-3 months of $0.25 grind, it all worked out.

Following top players even before the official opening, I moved to FiatLab where, in a little over a year, I grew from an ABI of 25 to an ABI of 150, and started teaching. The most pleasant thing in this work is when your advice allows your opponents to face tough times at the tables.

From my perspective, poker is a chance to prove to everyone that you are the best, so you must believe in yourself and do everything possible if you choose this path.